Let us Help You
in Growing Your Health

We are on a mission to show Americans
that they can improve their health today
through growing their own food
and teaching individuals how to use
better-than-organic practices
to grow vegetables, herbs and fruits.
Whether you are looking to save time
purchasing a seedling,
or wanting to sample from one of our harvests,
or perhaps considering growing your own food
in one of our Tower Garden hydroponic vertical gardens,
we believe that a healthy food source
translates into a healthier you.

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Seedlings & Plants

Whether you are growing in a hydroponic system like the vertical Tower Garden or in soil-based raised beds or planters, you can get a jump-start on your growing season with our quality seedlings and plants.

Produce Ready this Week

Now you can enjoy local healthy food grown using organic-practices and picked at it’s peak so you get all the nutritional benefits. See what’s ready and coming up for harvest!

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if growing in the Tower Garden is as good as you think it will be? Try it for yourself and rent a system for a growing season!

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