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Welcome to Grow Your Health Gardening!

Our mission at Grow Your Health Gardening is seeking wellness and building community to help you grow your own food.

We aim to provide resources in all forms of gardening:

  • soil based gardening
  • aquaponics (using fish waste to feed plants in water)
  • hydroponics (nutrients in water and applied through a gravity-trickled down system or floating raft system)
  • aeroponics (also nutrients in water, but using the Tower Garden system)

The goal is to grow your confidence in growing a variety of healthy foods no matter what growing zone you live in around the United States and beyond.

We will also blog about how to incorporate natural foods into your diet through convenient and helpful healthy products (like JuicePlus+ ), recipes, and cooking tips.

Feel free to take a look around and dive in to growing your health through gardening!

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Tips for Soil, Aquaponic, and Hydroponic Gardening Methods