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Hi, I’m Erin, a wife of 27+ years by the grace of God to my best friend, a mom of five ages 8-20 years old, PCOS overcomer, and passionate about growing food for my family and being a seed steward. I’m so glad you found GYHG! I invite you to join us in learning! Put aside the fear of failing and just feel free to jump right in and Grow Your Health Gardening!

Grow Guides:

  • How to Grow Hydroponic Arugula in a Tower Garden
  • How to Grow Hydroponic Bok Choy in a Tower Garden
  • How to Grow Hydroponic Spinach in a Tower Garden

How to Grow
Hydroponic Spinach
in a Tower Garden

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About GYHG

We started Grow Your Health Gardening as a resource for others who wanted to make more connections between the food they ate and their health. We believe growing your own food is the best source of nutrition for our bodies. Ready to grow yourself?

Get the best hydroponic-adapted seeds that we grow ourselves using organic practices.
Visit our GYHG Seed Co. Store to grab some to grow for yourself and your family.

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Helping you learn how to grow your own food and how to use what you've grown for optimal health for yourself and those you love. We also offer our own line of homegrown seeds grown using organic practices.

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