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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today (February 14, 2021) is the last day that you can get an extra 21% off your entire purchase using coupon code GYHG-LOVES-ME-21 (case sensitive with dashes). And if you order over $25 in product you can stack savings and get free shipping! SHOP SEEDS NOW

GYHG (Grow Your Health Gardening) is a small family-run Seed Company in Northwest Georgia, west of Atlanta, that grows all the seed stock it sells.

We are not seed brokers (buy seed in bulk and just resell). We are Seed Stewards and grow all our own seed stock. Each growing season, our seed stock gets stronger as our plants adapt epigenetically to our growing conditions. Strong plants = healthy plants = healthy you!

Shop Seeds Now: https://store.growyourhealthgardening.com/

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