how our personal farmer program works

How it works:

  1. Review our available selection of greens. (See Selection)
  2. If you order before our seed start seeding date, you can lock-in your price of $3/ head. We will be planting a few extra heads of lettuce, so some extra heads of lettuce may be purchased at time of harvest for $5/head.
  3. When you’re ready to place your order, text which plants you want to have grown and how many to 678.516.0870. We will confirm your order has been received and send you an invoice with your order total. Your Pre-Order will not be considered complete until you pay. We offer two options for your convenience: CashApp or Venmo. (Learn More about how to pay using these apps.)
  4. Once your payment has been received, your order will be planted by our professional certified hydroponic growers on our seed start date and then monitored and cared for using organic practices in our clean secure indoor-growing environment. Your name will be placed on the plants you’ve ordered and we will send you photo updates via text periodically where you can see your plant(s) growing.
  5. Your order will most likely be ready between August 15-22. When your greens are fully grown, we will arrange for a pick-up at our farm in Dallas, Georgia and pick them at their peek for optimal nutritional benefit right before you arrive. Note: When you pick up from our location, please pack a cooler and pre-chill your cooler a few hours before time of use with ice so that your greens do not go into shock on the way home. (We do not recommend leaving your greens in a hot car even though they are in a cooler with ice.)

Text 678.516.0870 by 7/11/20 at noon the following:
• Your First and Last Name
• The variety you’d like to have us grow for you.
• The quantity of each variety you’re ordering.

Upon receiving you’re Pre-Order, we will confirm we have received your pre-order and send you a total from which to pay.

Submit payment via Cash App or Venmo. (Learn More)
Note: Your Pre-Seed Order will not be started until confirmed payment has been received.

Expect to receive text updates periodically showing your plant(s) being nurtured and grown using organic practices.

Remember, your Pre-Order will most likely be harvested between the dates 8/15/20-8/22/20 most likely (subject to change based on growth rate of plant) and we don’t pull the plant for harvest until it has reached it’s nutritional peak.


Q: What if something unforeseen happens to the plants in the growing process?
A: If the plants you have ordered do not grow to a healthy mature plant, we will honor a full refund or replant at no charge — your choice. We are highly skilled in growing greens, so short of a natural disaster, the likelihood of something happening will be rare.

Q: Will you have other items for sale that I can pick up at the same time that I get my greens?
A: Most likely, YES! We may have tomatoes and peppers in stock when it comes time for your greens to be ready. If you’d like to receive updates on what is available for purchase each week, please text 678.516.0870 with your request to receive weekly updates and be sure to include your first and last name. You can simply text “STOP” to cease weekly updates at any time.

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