Online Course | Seed Starting for Hydroponic Tower Garden Growing Systems

New to growing hydroponically? Have a new Tower Garden or just wanting to improve your seed starting skills? Then this is the online course is for you!

In this online course you will learn:

✓ where to purchase seed from and why I recommend these seed suppliers
✓ how you should store your seeds for retaining germination rates
✓ how long your seeds will last if stored correctly
✓ determining your planting plan, so you know when to start your seeds for the upcoming growing season
✓ seed starting tools I recommend
(+ a handy tool you may already have around the house that may help you start seeds)
✓ the actual process I use for starting seed and growing it to the seedling transplant stage
✓ how to know when to put your seedling into your growing system


Plus, I’ll have a Free Gift for those who attend!

Open to all Tower Garden growers and anyone interested in growing food for their loved ones using hydroponic methods. (Ya gotta start somewhere, right?) 😉
(Limited to the first 100 seats)

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