Day 5 Post Heart Attack

It’s Thursday night.  Five days ago, my husband had a heart attack. I’m starting to decompress and unpack mentally and emotionally the events that have unfolded these last few days.

It’s still hard to believe it happened because he is so young (only 45) by their standards and doesn’t smoke. He had a 99% blockage on the right side of his heart and by the grace of God, we were able to get him to the hospital on time to stop the damage and get him the help he needed to live. He’s now on seven new meds with two of those being insulin shots—6 shots he must take four times a day.

I look at him today, sitting there in the chair trying to stay quiet and rest (very hard for him) and I’m so thankful to have him with me still and thanking the Lord for his goodness towards me and my five children when things could have gone so very differently. The cardiologists say it’s caused by genetics. He has Type 1 Diabetes and is predisposed to heart disease. My heart feels heavy to hear such hard news.

In the last 48-hours especially I have tried to think of how I can incorporate better nutrition into his care. I’m so thankful I’m not starting from scratch and just now starting to make healthy decisions. For several years now, I have been studying and tasting recipes that work to heal the body — not harm. I’ve been growing my own food and experimenting with different methods of growing vegetables. My Mom was the one who actually reminded me of this. She reminded me that I’m not starting from scratch but I’m ready to tackle this challenge head on.

I started this blog almost a year ago, but never really did much with it. Maybe that will change now. I feel compelled to share our journey. My hope is that someone will see it and start making changes so that they don’t have to walk thru this. Maybe it will connect with someone who has been recklessly eating out at fast food places. Maybe it will be someone who never had any training on how to grow food yet wants to learn and take a few small steps to better health. Maybe it’s someone like you who needs support in their journey towards health.

So, this space — this blog — will be a place where I can share ideas of what we’ve been doing, to teach you something you may not already know about growing nutritious food to put in your body, and overall how you can change and grow your health gardening.

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