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Why Now is the Time to Get Your Seeds for Warm Season and Fall Plantings

Here in Atlanta, Georgia, we are beginning to see warmer days in the mid-80ºs (F) which means hot summer days are just around the corner starting in early to mid-May. 

With that in mind, we are doing a last call on all spring seed sales so that our seeds do not get damaged in transit by the high heat of shipping containers. High heat can dramatically affect the life of a seed (and even kill good seed), so we recommend our customers purchase purchase seeds during cooler conditions across the United States before the southern shipping lanes get hot.

Now is the time to stock-up on seeds for warm season crops and fall planting!
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Example of how Grow Your Health Gardening Seed Co packaging and how they ship seed orders

Remember, our seeds are:

  • packaged in a water-resistant sealed envelope to protect your seeds from rain and moisture.
  • packaged in a non-descript envelope and shipped with tracking to limit stolen and lost packages. (Believe it or not, we have a handful of seed orders that mysteriously go missing when we don’t ship with tracking, so now we only ship using tracking!)
  • when local temps begin to go above 75ºF, our packages are always hand-delivered to the U.S.P.S. — your seed order never will sit out in a hot mail box or metal mail collection box that is exposed to the sun and heat. (And be sure that where ever you ship your seeds is climate-controlled so they will not be sitting out in the heat while waiting for you to receive your order.) 😉
  • Grown with love and care on our family small farm using organic methods — many are hydroponic adapted.
  • Heirloom or open source seed (OSSI) so you can have confidence in food security and encourage diversity in your own garden and sharing with friends (patent-free seeds!)
Save 20% on seeds

With daily heat temps rising in the southeast, we are going to be limiting our shipments in mid-May to protect seeds from heat damage during transit. Be sure and secure your heirloom and open source seed now before summer and fall!


In Memory of Mom

To be honest, this is a little difficult to write … I’ve debated on what to do as this day has been approaching. A year ago, today was one of the worst couple of days of my life. (The day before was an especially gut-wrenching sort of day. My mom told me she wanted to take off the mask that was pumping oxygen into her lungs and keeping her alive. ) Shortly after the midnight hour, on this day one year ago, my mother died in a hospital bed from Covid. 

It was not how I envisioned saying “goodbye” to my mother on this side of heaven. I couldn’t be by her side. I was only on a FaceTime phone call and it tore me up to know she was alone with people she didn’t know in her last minutes of life here on earth. But, I don’t have to focus on those horrible things on this one-year anniversary, I can pause and remember the good…

The reason I am probably drawn to even do Grow Your Health Gardening is because of something Mom instilled within me from a very young age. She was a government school teacher for 30+ years and she instilled in me the value of the “teachable moment”. I remember her saying that you never know when a child really learns so she would suggest offering multiple opportunities to teach the same concept until it seemed that they understood.

She would say that when you see the opportunity to teach something new, you should pause and do it right in that moment. She told me a story about her own mother (who was an amazing farm cook and wonderful grandmother) who fussed at her lightly one day, because she had taken more time to do a task because she wanted to teach it to me as a little girl something as she did it. Mom saw a “teachable moment” and made time for me to learn along side her. I see myself doing this in my own children as we do life together. I often pause and repeat the same lesson again and again with them asking them, “Now why am I doing this? Why is this important?” — just to make sure they understand the lesson that is there to learn.

She valued learning and I am so thankful that she instilled in me that you are never too old to learn. Learning is lifelong (and makes life so interesting.) Perhaps that’s why I continue to write when I can on in-between teaching our other children (2 are already pursuing higher education), growing things, and taking care of my family.

Mom was really good at growing African Violets inside our front living room. I remember her tip was to put some liquid fertilizer in the water and she always put them in a 13×9 pan and told me to water them from the bottom (let them soak up through the roots what they wanted to take and then remove them from the pan of nutrient-rich water.)

She taught me to plant marigolds to keep away aphids and to put a bit of fish in a hole before planting a strawberry start. She loved her little garden of flowers and especially was good with roses. That was difficult for her to leave as she became more reliant on the care of others. She always enjoyed the flowers. In fact, as a little girl, I remember she and grandma take me out for a drive and we would pick wildflowers. Those are good memories.

It seems sort of silly to throw a sale in her honor, but I know it would have made her smile. So we are going to pause from the busyness of life today and spread some love (as she was often ready to give to help others in need if she felt led). In honor of Mom we are giving 15% off on all seeds (no order minimum) in the seed shop if you enter the code “INMEMORYOFMOM” at check out today (1/14) through Sunday, 1/16. 

My heart goes out to those that have lost loved one(s) from this horrible virus. My heart grieves with you in your loss. But it doesn’t have to be something that drives our decisions by fear. I was very fearful after her death of Covid. I’m so very thankful that the Lord allowed my son to get sick so we could see that every person responds differently to it and we now know because of world-wide spread and treatment options that certain drugs DO work better than others. I am thankful also for those in my life who have encouraged me to not let fear drive how I live my life. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest in giving glory to God. It has made me more appreciative of time I DO have with those I love and not take the time with them for granted for none of us know what tomorrow will bring.

So, be well and do what you can to be healthy and build your immune system (like growing your own food in your own garden.) Don’t let fear be the driver of your decisions. Don’t follow the masses. Remember, you are exactly who God created you to be and live life to the fullest every day. And pause to remember those loved ones you may have lost and share their story in the comments below.

Thanks for letting me share my heart and my Mama today with you…

Love, Erin

Owner and Lead Grower
Grow Your Health Gardening

Coming soon… Exclusive line of GYHG hydroponically grown using organic methods herbs and seasonings

Y’all! We are SO EXCITED about our new line of hydroponically grown herbs and seasonings grown using organic methods and coming soon (this week) to our store!

Research at The University of Minnesota found that hydroponically-grown herbs have 20-40% greater amount of aromatic oils when compared to herbs grown in conventional fields. This translates into higher quality herbs with a more robust flavor versus soil-grown herbs.

If you haven’t already, go to our store and sign-up for our emails to get the big announcement when they all release!


You can Grow (and save) Some Green This St. Patrick’s Day!

It turns out that we have some Irish in our lineage (about 20% they say), so as one of my oldest sons played his bag pipe I thought to myself… hey! We should offer a 20% off sale on our seeds in honor of our Irish heritage and the work that St. Patrick did to influence his world for the better those many years ago!

From today, Wednesday March 10, 2021 through midnight on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2021, you can save 20% when you spend $17* on all heirloom seeds in the shop. (And if you spend $25, you still get free shipping for a limited time.) That includes our exclusive line of hydroponic-adapted seeds that are perfect for hydroponic / aeroponic / aquaponic growers (that’s just for you Tower Garden, Farm Stand, and Aerogarden, Bato Bucket, and DIY Hydroponic home growers!)

Be sure to check out our growing line of micro-dwarf tomatoes as well! They’re very popular so buy now before they are sold out!

Hope you have a fantastic growing season ahead!